Sponsored by Elson's Bombay Dyeing, Aluva

1. Teams should consist of maximum eight participants.

2. All dance styles are allowed.

3. There should be separate teams for boys and girls (Mixed performances are not allowed).

4. Props can be used by the participating teams by their own choice. No extra marks will be provided for the same.

5. Teams won’t be provided for the props (if any) by the organizers. (No hazardous objects allowed)

6. Only college teams are allowed (No professional groups allowed)

7. Participants should submit music, 30mins before the event starts

8. Time limit: 6+2mins

9. The participating team will be responsible for the removal of the sets, properties etc immediately after the completion of the performance

10. Judgment will be based on the rhythm, formation, expression, costumes, make up, coordination and overall effects.